Traditional and Japanese Tattoo Design in Perugia, Italy

About the Artist - Luca Martin

Born in Perugia, capital of the Umbria region in Italy. As a child he loved Japanese animation, manga, especially Ken Shiro and wanted to actually BE a Samurai warrior ! By 7 years old he was already practicing martial arts and on the way to becoming one!

Below: Luca bottom row far left

His path changed from Samurai Warrior to Tattoo Artist when he was about 12 and started looking at tattoo magazines. His mother brought him for my first tattoo at just 15 and she still has the receipt to this day. Maybe she already knew where his future was heading.

Luca got his first tattoo machine in 1993 and experimented immediately on his own arm. He also had lots of friends who volunteered as guinea pigs and quickly taught himself the basics. His ambition was also to travel the world and meet with the masters of tattoo cultures. Samoa was first and by 1998 he had saved enough tattooing money to get there.

Below: Luca being tattooed in Borneo

He returned to Perugia and continued tattooing but it wasn’t long before he got itchy feet again and booked a round the world trip to New Zealand, America, Indonesia, tattooing on the road. Eventually settling in Bangkok for a while under the wing of the famous Jimmy Wong.

Below: Temple of Wat Bang Phra near Bangkok



Luca opened his first official shop when he returned from Thailand and took on a new apprentice Mauro. He learned quickly and two years later they opened the second shop in Cittá di Castello.


But there was still Japan left to visit and Luca had purposely left his favourite until he was more experienced. He had read about him in tattoo magazines and first saw him at the Bologna tattoo convention in 1994; 

He respects his work and techniques the most- Horiyoshi III

In the last two years Luca has been to Yokohama four times to meet him. At first to study his technique and then to have his back piece tattooed which was completed June 2008.

Note from Luca; 

I plan to travel more in the future but at the moment work is keeping me very busy. I can’t complain, it’s a dream come true to be where I am today, covered in tattoos from my favourite artists, in my own shop and tattooing my favourite style - traditional Japanese.


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